There are two condo areas within the Inn. Each area has heating and air-conditioning to make the guests as comfortable as possible. The condos are spacious and multi-leveled, including a loft with soft round beds for curling up in. If you wish you may have a large family share a room or have connecting units for maximum space. Daily life for the guests can be as leisurely or active as they please. With tall rope trees to climb and a Large outdoor enclosure to play in. After their fun is over they can choose to relax on one of the several window seats and bask in the warm country sunshine.

Please make reservations 6 weeks in advance for summer/winter holidays and school vacations, other times allow 2 to 4 weeks advance notice.

The Scratching Post Inn Condo Rates
Our daily rates include all amenities.
1 Cat $16.00 2 Cats $22.00
2 Cats $26.00 seperated 3 Cats $28.00