Our Cats-Only Luxury Boarding Facility

Features & Amenities

The Inn is designed to cater to the needs and preferences of your feline companions. We offer a calm, quiet environment with several amenities that ensure your cat’s comfort and your peace of mind. Come for a day, a week, or longer.

A room of your own

  • Reserve your spacious suite or five-story condo – choose from a variety of accommodations, including shared or adjoining suites for housemates, best buds or siblings. Each unit provides a variety of environments, including dark, cozy spaces and high, scenic lookouts.
  • Each guest enjoys daily free-range time beginning on the second day of their stay. This is the time to get out and explore the spacious common areas, check out the toy box, peek in at the other guests, find a lap to sit in, or just soak up some sun from a perch by our large front windows.

Breathe easy

  • Our facility has continuous ventilation with fresh outside air from the tree-lined back yard.
  • The entire facility is temperature-controlled and humidity-controlled for maximum comfort.
  • Sensors installed throughout the facility provide continuous air quality monitoring.

We keep in touch

  • We send you a personalized daily activity report, with photos.
  • We offer internet-linked cameras in selected units so you can check in any time.

Feels like home

  • Each guest is offered filtered water in a bowl (still) or a fountain (constant flow).
  • You are encouraged to bring the food and treats you use at home, but we provide national brand dry and canned food to accommodate most diets.
  • We offer a choice of litter, or you can bring what you use at home. We provide the boxes, which are cleaned at least twice daily and thoroughly sanitized between visits.
  • All surfaces are sanitized regularly with cat-friendly cleaning agents.

Health, wellness and security

  • We’ll keep a careful watch on guests with special needs. We can provide home-administered meds as instructed by your veterinarian, such as insulin injections, pills and thyroid cream. Be sure to coordinate with us when you make your reservation.
  • We offer concierge services to arrange for visits to a nearby grooming salon for services such as nail trimming, bathing and brushing.
  • The facility has secure buffer zones between the exterior doors and interior spaces to prevent unauthorized exits, and we employ 24-hour security surveillance.